For a sustainable Made in France

All our materials are made from eco-labelled fibres: linen, organic or recycled cotton, viscose... Knitting and the production of ecological fibres,  are our area of excellence and the know how we strive to preserve to promote the relocation of the textile industry in France.

All our partners are chosen for their proximity and the quality of their work: we favour, whenever possible regional suppliers, even if their prices may be higher. Thereby maintaining local employment and reducing the environmental impact of our production. 

Our commitment reflects an unwavering attachment to a region and its sustainable development for future generations.


To preserve know-how

We honour the past by working with unique machines from the 1950s, allowing us to design high quality clothing whilst integrating modernity and eco-responsibility to the heart of our project.

From material selection across the entire value chain to eco-packaging, our mission is to honor our unique past and effect change now by looking to the future.

Our weaving machines allow us to offer you high quality, unique products for unique people...

Timeless designs, high quality products don't have to be invented again and again. They are timeless and durable.